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Allan is a master of the game. Cards, coins, humor, rope and everything else magical.  Every Allan Hayden product on this site is a complete routine in and of itself. You will receive complete value in your purchase, I promise!


He's funny, he's magical, he's technically superb with cards, coins, rope and other close-up and stage magic.

He's an author of many fine books on magic and he's the last of the true Eddie Fechter's "bunch" of Forks Hotel close-up workers.

After spending years honing his magic skills at the Forks Hotel, Allan went on to create a gambling demonstration film for the F.B.I. It was to be used to train new agents and familiarize them with card and dice scams.

Through the miracle of electronic mail, I've had the pleasure of tracking Allan Hayden's travels across country.

While Allan traveled from Key West, Florida; to New York, Canada, and Martha's Vineyard; to his current location in California, I was there every cyber-step of the way.

While Allan traveled across country, lecturing and promoting his books, he still found time to stop at Internet Cafes along the way to let me know how he was doing.

Allan Hayden is my friend. He has taught me a lot about magic and creative thinking. Since I've been fortunate enough to have met and worked with Allan, it only seems logical that his valuable professional magic routines and books be added to my new Products page so others will get a chance to meet a fine person and a truly extraordinary magician. Thanks Allan.

Allan currently resides in California. You can see him perform at the Magic Castle when he is not busy creating new magic.

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Number TWO Lecture Notes
Number TWO Lecture Notes
NUMBER TWO includes 13 GREAT routines from Allan Hayden.
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numbertwo $9.95
Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine
Allan Hayden's Fancy Ring Routine
You won't find a better, funnier, more well thought out linking ring routine ANYWHERE! PERIOD!
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fancyrings $10.00
Allan Hayden's Mighty Silver Bulldog
Allan Hayden's Mighty Silver Bulldog
Spectator selects a card, signs it and replaces it back in the deck. THe performer finds the card in the most mysterious and FUNNY ways!
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bulldog $11.95


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