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Cutting the Aces  Cutting the Aces
Cutting the Aces - A FREE routine

by Allan Hayden

Effect: This is a very fast and flashy method of revealing the four aces.

Set-up: Arrange the aces in red, black, red, black order on top of the deck so that the top card is a red ace. One more thing; put any X-card between the center two aces.

To perform: Jog-shuffle as you explain that you are extremely lucky and can always cut to an ace. Square the deck in dealing position and get a break under the top three cards as you patter. Gripping the deck from above with your right hand, transfer the break to your right thumb. Undercut about a third of the deck with your left hand.

Stare at the top of this packet as you say, "See ... here's an ace." Put this packet on top of the deck in your right hand and immediately cut off another small packet from the bottom.

Wave this packet at the spectators as you say, "Look ... another one." Repeat the replacement and undercutting action one more time, but on this third time, make sure that you cut to your break. Say, "Wow. Another one .. I'm really HOT today!"

Put this last packet back on top of the deck and squareup.

Presented casually, this cutting-without-showing bit should get a few chuckles. The triple-undercut will leave a red ace on top of the deck, followed by a black ace. From the face of the deck, you'll have an X-card, black ace, and a red ace.

Double lift to show that you really did cut to an ace.

Point out to the spectators that it's a BLACK ace.

Turn the two cards back over as one and thumb the red ace face down to the table.

Turn the whole deck face-up and slip-cut to find the other black ace.

Holding the deck face-up in dealing position, get a break under the two face-up aces.

Be careful not to flash the red ace. As the left hand begins to turn the deck over toward your body, the right fingertips enter the break and deal the second card (red ace) face-down to the table.

With the deck still face-down, the right hand grasps it at its narrow end, thumb on top, fingertips underneath.

Gesture with the deck in your right hand as you say something about the red aces being a little more difficult to find.

Toss the deck suddenly from your right hand back into your left, but retain the top and bottom cards in your right hand.

This is accomplished by applying pressure with your right thumb and fingertips to top and bottom of deck. Say triumphantly, "The RED aces!" as you turn the two black aces face-up.

With a surprised look flip over the tabled red aces as you say, "I could have SWORN that the black aces were on the table!"


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