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Deck Support
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What is Deck Support?

Deck Support is a very funny and engaging card routine using the Mental Photography or Blank Deck of cards.


Deck Support includes complete moves, structure, patter from beginning to end. 


You don't even need to be funny (but it helps!) to perform this routine and get laughs. The laughs are built in. So is the astonishment! 


Before the audience even knows what hit them they will be floored. The magic and story moves fast or slow depending on your style. Either way the result is the same!

Why Deck Support?


1. The patter


  • Entertaining - Entertainment and comedy are the foundation of my magic.
  • Funny - I never take myself seriously and my performing style follows suit. I do maintain a very serious persona when I perform this routine. The routine is funny whether you are naturally funny or not ... but be confident!
  • Magical - Matter of fact, by the time the spectator's have realized it they have been exposed to a ton of magic and a very engaging funny story. In my opinion it's the perfect opening routine.

2. It's topical


  • What's more current than computers these days? Everyone uses them and certainly everyone can relate to needing tech[DECK]-support!


I played with the Blank deck for quite a while before including it in my close-up show. One day an idea popped into my head and I turned it into routine...it's been a winner ever since.


I open ALL my close-up shows with this routine as it totally relaxes the spectators and that's my opening strategy.


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