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This is my most powerful magic routine. Audiences LOVE this. Included is a version for kids and a version for adults. If I am performing for kids and adults I usually do the kid bit. Adults love it. The adult ending tells a story about the "pit boss" in Vegas and why you will NEVER win at Craps.

This routine is very easy to perform. The misdirection is totally built in by virtue of the patter. The beginning of each phase is designed to first relax the spectators allowing you to do the "dirty work" while they are "kicking back."

You can also substitute those little red balls and a lemon if you'd like. I have performed it as well with a ceramic coffee cup once under pressure.

A styrofoam cup, a pair of dice and a large ceramic die are all you'll need.

I don't like performing magic with too many gimmicked props as it makes me work harder to manage them. I am not very good at "prop management" so
I liked this effect and worked it out for my performing style.

Hope you like it and I know you will use it.

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