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The Mystery
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The Mystery
A BRAND NEW Motivational Routine Which Inspires And Motivates Children to Read.
I love this routine. Lot's of education and magic. Talk about Mystery books. Ask if any of the audience members LOVE to read Mystery books. Get them up on stage. Discuss Mystery books and display a Box Car children mystery book--any one of them.
Spout off some facts about mysteries and then turn the child into a Super Sleuth. Display a large pad of paper and draw a picture of the perpetrator based on the witness's (the helper) directives.
Show the picture to the audience. This is a funny moment. Since the helper did such a great job on the picture ask for their autograph. They sign their name on the picture and you proceed to tear it up. Yes, that's correct, tear it up into bits. First, the helper gets a souvenir--a piece of the torn page--then they drop the torn up pieces into a bag.
After some funny by-play and the kids shout "I love to read!" you restore the pieces back to their original condition. And, the helper's piece fits right in!!
The helper walks away with the restored picture!
A great way to help children learn the value of a good mystery book!
You will love this one. You can also take the concept and use it in many different ways and performances.
An IMMEDIATE download.
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