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ULTIMATE Positive Negative. The Last Word! Item Name:
ULTIMATE Positive Negative. The Last Word!
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Positive/Negative, made famous in Max Maven's DVD series, has been in hysteria mode ever since. There's a better, cleaner version on the market every day. I suppose for every performer there's always a better mouse trap. What, then, would be considered the ULTIMATE Positive/Negative? And if found, would it put the search to rest?

Well, I think I've found the holy grail in my ULTIMATE Positive/Negative!

Here's why ... I don't like MOVES, any MOVES. I don't like covering a word on a business card with my finger. I don't like having to place a business card on the table--one side up and HOPING the spec doesn't want to see the other side. I don't like resorting to billets or folding anything. I don't like slippery wording (I don't consider EQUIVOQUE slippery wording!). I don't like wax.

What I do like is clean, mind blowing stuff. Here's what ULTIMATE Positive/Negative looks like to audience. The most raw illustration:

Meet someone. Bring out a small coin envelope--biz card size--and lay it on the table or let someone hold it.

Let the spec pick from a handful of invisible coins, any amount (EQUIVOQUE)as long as they pick a quarter (or whatever coin you would like them to pick.)

Next have them flip it in the air and call heads or tails. Now open the envelope dumping the contents into their hand or hand them the envelope to dump the contents into their hand. On a little slip of paper that falls from the envelope it says:






depending on their flip.

They walk away with the envelope and the little piece of paper and a NEW MIND!!

I believe I've seen or heard of most of the Positive/Negative methods and I believe this one is the absolute cleanest!

Ok here's the method ....

Ooooops not so quick.

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Thank you. You will enjoy this.

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