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ULTIMATE! Technicolor Prediction!
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ULTIMATE! Technicolor Prediction

by John Cesta

Let's face it, Martin Lewis' Technicolor Prediction (TP) is a classic routine of mentalism. I think a classic is a routine that people fall in love with immediately and that stand the test of time. 72 matches for Technicolor Prediction in the magic cafe. So, it's pretty popular.

Yea, there's been some handling "difficulties" with TP and most of them concern the funky board that holds the envelopes. Well, people like Martin Lewis don't get hung up too much on this type of the thing, they are creators and they create and fool people. Also, back when Martin invented this routine there were only so many methods and wordings available.

But now it's different.

For UTP I've taken pieces here and there and created a routine the way I am comfortable performing. I love UTP. I love the simplicity (ie, from an audience point of view!), the humor, the sucker or sting aspect of it, and haven't stopped until I could perform it with ease allowing me to laugh along with the audience instead of concentrating on the props.

Here's my take. Hope you like it.

First what the audience sees:

Performer arrives with three envelopes in a wallet. A RED, GREEN and YELLOW envelope. He asks for volunteers, one man and one woman are in SHOCK when they are picked. Each volunteer selects--total free choice--an envelope. Maybe some banter ensues as to what each color means--depends on how good you are at this sort of thing. Finally the performer is left with an envelope too. He shows a prediction in a wallet and says, "We'll save this for later."

The woman opens her envelope and inside she finds a prediction that states the performer KNEW she would pick RED, hardy har har goes the audience.

The man opens his envelope to find too a message from the performer that he knew what color the gentlemen would pick as well.

The performer then reminds the audience of the prediction in the wallet. He opens the wallet and perhaps allows someone to remove the contents.

On the folded piece of paper are the words that the audience has been waiting for. The Truth. The performer really did know who would pick which envelope.

This is not what you think ... I don't think.

If you want a SIMPLE, NO BRAIN, BAFFLING and FUN stand-up effect, something you can really carry with you anywhere in a coat or pocket AND resets (almost) instantly ... I think this is it--then of course I would, wouldn't I?

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