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"Guys, buy John's Chair Routine. It's so good I don't believe he came up with that himself! 

Probably his wife or kids did! They are bored to wait for their new dresses, socks and shoes...

So they decided to spring into action and help John! " Paolo Cavalli

Here's the write up. Trust me this is GOOD!

"John has put together a funny presentation for a chair routine. The method is extremely easy and some might even know it already, but it is John's unique presentation and added bits that makes this a charming and funny chair routine." - Greg Arce

Yes you read it right. Now it's my turn. If you've been fortunate enough to purchase one of my ULTIMATE routines or several other of my mentalism effects then you know how I think, how I work and how easy my stuff is ... My AMAZING and COMMERCIAL Chair Test will be more of the same.

EASY to perform, FUN, FUNNY and KICK BU**!

A SOLID demonstration of INTUITION and BODY LANGUAGE the AMAZING and COMMERCIAL Chair Test is very flexible can be performed for children to corporate! That's correct kids will get it too.

"John, this is brilliant thinking! Such a VERY simple method, but you manage to get two strong beats out of it. The fact that one can adapt it easily to colours, or numbers, or symbols, or whatever makes it very commercial.  Bravo!"- AllanK (a happy owner!)

Two phase demonstration using 3, 4, 5, 6 spectators it doesn't matter. No math, or funky language at all. ALWAYS works. Built in patter and script.

Easy to customize and change on the spot. For those of you that do color readings, great, use them with The AMAZING and COMMERCIAL Chair Test. Customize for corporate events using pictures of the staff or CEO or management team.


"I like it, too.  This is a sort of "basic" chair test combined with a "pseudo psychometry" twist.
The video John supplies together with the PDF shows him performing the effect live, so you know this really plays well in front of real people. It's not the glamorous hard-cut cinematic demo we are used to nowadays, where often you don't learn anything about the effect itself. This is just plain material that shows the real thing, no pipe dream for sure.

I wish more people would be so honest about their creations.  Thanks John!"
- StefanO

Well how do I describe it. 5 specs come to the stage and choose among them who will sit where. Mentalists talks about body language blah blah blah blah and shows blah blah blah then hands to specs.

Things happen. No secret moves, no equiv, no forcing, no outs, no double this or that, no pw, nw, or in**x stuff.

Specs stand up twice to thunderous applause and mystery.

Solid demonstration of YOUR ability to read BODY LANGUAGE and THEIR unbelievable power of INTUITION!!

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