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Professional Routines for
Motivational, School, and Library Programs!

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A Little Bit of MENTALISM
My offerings to the world of Mentalism. I like to involve the entire audience, make THEM the stars, and I like to have fun. This is what you will find here.
Motivational Routines
Routines that are designed for use in Motivational School and Library programs.
The ULTIMATE! Series
This category contains classics of mentalism and magic made better!
John Cesta's Magic
John Cesta is the Premier Motivational School Program performer in Florida! John now shares his most successful motivational routines with other performers who wish to be successful in the school market.
Our Products
All of our magic is listed here.
Allan Hayden Products
Allan is a master of the game. Cards, coins, humor, rope and everything else magical. Every Allan Hayden product on this site is a complete routine in and of itself. You will receive complete value in your purchase, I promise!
This category contains John's routines that are slated to be released very soon.
Use items will always be described as new, never been used, looked at or used with little wear.
Fun Routines
A collection of routines that may be used on stage or close-up and for ANY audience.


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